Adventure Therapy

At Sea Change, we believe that after years of receiving artificial joy from substances and escapism, that our clients must learn to once again take pleasure in nature and authentic experiences. 

The ocean offers many benefits to the people of Sea Change. Not only is spending time in the ocean a physically invigorating and relaxing experience, but ocean water itself is believed to have many positive health benefits on brain and body. Our Adventure Therapy Program provides physical exercise, mental relaxation, and spiritual healing. 


Adventure Therapy gradually introduces participants to the ocean. Through careful instruction and patient leadership, Benjamin Bradley - CADC-II, teaches men how to safely and comfortably enjoy the ocean and the basics of surfing. While learning to surf can be tremendous fun, the primary focus of this work is coming to experience the profound peace of surrendering oneself to the overwhelming power of the sea, to understand our place in a greater natural ecosystem, and to become less focused on one's self and more connected to nature and others. The program also encourages men to help one another learn, a process that helps people redevelop trust, rekindle self-worth and form true friendship. 

Days at nearby Santa Monica or Venice Beach can include ocean front meditation practice, group discussion, surf lessons, and generally having a fun and relaxing experience with peers and friends.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Anyone with a little time under their belt will tell you that living sober is moment to moment—focusing on the present, on living life in the here and now, and getting into action. At Sea Change, jiu-jitsu allows clients to get into action in a way that’s both challenging and cathartic.

Brazilian jiu-jitsu is known particularly for its ground level nature, for its real-life physical expression combining two of the most meditative martial arts, judo and original Japanese jiu-jitsu.


Sea Change offers jiu-jitsu experiential groups twice a week, helping people find their way forward by focusing on the present moment and getting into action. Jiu-jitsu can be a powerful way to channel addictive tendencies into a positive way of living.


Community Work

Through helping others, we also help ourselves. Giving back is a fundamental part of the Sea Change philosophy. The disease of addiction can cause people to focus solely on themselves. The seemingly unstoppable need to feed one's cravings keeps them from seeing and responding to the needs of others. This is one of the reasons that drug and alcohol addiction can devastate families and personal relationships. As people begin to experience relief from the grip of addiction and substance use disorder, they can begin to re-establish their ability to empathize with and respect the needs of others. One's ability to give also coincides strongly with the 12 step tradition that is a major part of the Sea Change experience. 


Sea Change takes an active role in community service. Whether helping to feed the hungry at local food pantries and shelters, or helping to set up 12-Step meetings, the men and women of Sea Change learn the powerful benefits of helping others. One of the most important lessons learned through community work is that true respect is earned through simple, selfless acts, not through the artificial trappings of material wealth that is overvalued by our culture. Community work develops authentic respect for the inherent value of ourselves and others. In many cases, the most profound personal satisfaction can be found in receiving thanks for being of true help to others in need.

Often, the practice of giving becomes one of the most desirable and memorable aspects of one's time at Sea Change, and many Sea Change alumni continue to take part in community service long after their time here.