If you’re looking for a job in the addiction and mental health treatment industry, Sea Change Recovery has employment opportunities for qualified candidates to join our growing team.

To apply for any of the positions listed below, please send your cover letter and resume to office@seachangerecovery.com. No phone calls please.

Available job positions are listed below:



The Substance Abuse Case Manager is responsible for providing comprehensive case management services to people with a history of addiction, and providing specialized support to Sea Change Recovery staff regarding people suffering from or suspected of substance abuse.


  • Provide counseling, information, community referrals, screening and emergency services to persons requesting help with opioid abuse.

  • Conduct screenings/intake assessments and make recommendations for therapy and services or medication treatment as directed or indicated.

  • Develop and implement an individual treatment plan collaboratively with each client. Treatment plans include problems, goals, and measurable objectives.

  • Ensure coordination of relevant services, including but not limited to case management, pharmacological management and med training/support.

  • Provide case management and individual skills training to clients as indicated in treatment plan.

  • Facilitate group sessions on topics relevant to recovery from addiction.

  • Work as a member of an interdisciplinary team with Sea Change Recovery providers to improve integrated care.

  • Provide crisis intervention to patients of Sea Change Recovery.

  • Provide courteous, professional service at all times.

  • Complete thorough and timely documentation.

  • Contact supervisor or designated back-up for clarifications of procedures or clinical assistance as needed.

  • Attend all scheduled team meetings. Meet with Behavioral Health Specialist weekly for individual supervision.

  • Maintain a network of professional relationships with relevant service providers in Los Angeles County.

  • Perform additional duties as deemed necessary by department supervisor within designated timeframes.




We are looking for Licensed Vocational Nurses to work with a dynamic team in a fast-paced healthcare environment. The LVNs work 8 or 10 hour shifts with a flexible work schedule in a Residential Detoxification Treatment Facility. The organization specializes in detox and residential care for adults experiencing issues with addiction. LVNs have an opportunity to build a rapport with clients and see them through some of the most physically and emotionally demanding times of their recovery process. 

Experience in behavioral health, chemical dependency and detox are preferred; but not required. We will consider new graduates with an active LVN license. 


  • Assesses clients' current condition, health problems and/or needs including, but not limited to: seizure risk, level of cognition, vital signs and suicidal/homicidal ideations.

  • • Assesses, monitors and provides necessary interventions for each client taking into account drug intoxication, withdrawal and preexisting conditions.

  • • Anticipation of clients' needs based on their drug of choice, previous withdrawal history, preexisting conditions and current status.

  • • Monitors and provides interventions for clients in the event of medication side effects, including adverse drug reactions.

  • • Assesses and monitors barriers to learning while providing education accordingly, keeping these barriers in mind.

  • • Demonstrates the ability to establish a professional rapport with clients, families, and other caregivers.

  • • Assesses and monitors clients throughout their stay to determine the clients' response to care and when there are significant changes in the clients' condition provides proper interventions in a timely manner.

  • • Ability to identify clients' level of honesty and self-motivation for treatment.

  • • Demonstrates the ability to assess for abuse and neglect.

  • • Document's accurately and thoroughly in notes in accordance with established policies and procedures including in a timely manner and legibly.

  • • Demonstrates knowledge of detoxification protocol and medications used in the detoxification process, including mechanism of action, side effects and drug interactions.

  • • Carries out care for clients safely and effectively in accordance with the clients' physician.

  • • Insures all medications are locked safely and retrieved for self-administration by clients.

  • • Observes and monitors while all medications are self-administered by clients.

  • • Coordinates nutritional screenings on all clients to determine clients' nutritional needs and to identify clients at risk.

  • Provides safe and effective care for clients identified to be at risk of injury to self or others and report findings and client's response accurately to the physician and the client's treatment team.

  • Interacts with clients in accordance with the goals and interventions outlined in their respective treatment plans and specific needs.

  • Demonstrates the ability to interact appropriately with clients and coworkers at all times.

  • Demonstrates the ability to therapeutically respond to clients and their family members as indicated.

  • Communicates effectively with outside physicians and other appropriate parties in order to plan, deliver, and evaluate the client's response to care.

  • Ensures client compliance with facility rules and guidelines and reports adequately.

  • Reports incidents of suspected/known abuse/neglect to the Administrative Director and Program Director complying with all mandatory reporting laws.

  • Maintains HIPAA standards/laws in all aspects of their duties.

  • Ensuring quality control in the form of auditing MD orders, medication records, charts, etc. to ensure the proper administration of medication and safety of clients.


Excellent written and verbal communication skills; Computer proficiency- specifically PC, Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook; skills in case management, time management and crisis intervention; proficient knowledge of chemical dependency and psychological disorders; knowledge of detoxification protocol and related care including symptoms, interventions and proficient knowledge of medications; ability to summarize pertinent clinical information via written correspondence and records documentation in accordance with facility policies; must be flexible in work hours in order to meet facility needs; must be able to address and prioritize multiple task demands within established time frames.

Must maintain self-control in volatile or hostile situations, such as when verbally or physically confronted; must be able to set therapeutic limits and maintain therapeutic distance with clients and maintain therapeutic boundaries with clients during treatment and after discharge. Must possess proficient de-escalation techniques and conflict resolution skills and the ability implement them when necessary. Must be able to accept professional criticism from coworkers and managers and apply it to their daily routine. 

  • Required current certification in the state of California as a Licensed Vocational LVN or LPN. Preferred 2 years of experience in medical facility, mental health or chemical dependency setting passing medications, monitoring clients and providing interventions; Work and/or life experience accepted if approved by Administration. If recovering, at least 1 year of sobriety is required.



Minimum qualifications: 1 year experience in an outpatient, residential or sober living setting preferred; 1 year experience working with chemical dependency preferred



  • Implement rules, policies and guidelines consistently

  • Maintain facility standards

  • Maintain and implement all health and safety standards

  • Support line of authority and maintain positive attitude in work environment

  • Maintain professionalism in interactions with staff and clients at all times, and exercise maturity of judgment

  • Follow through on all directives left by supervisors

  • Attend and participate in all staff meeting/in service trainings

  • Report any crisis or serious concerns to supervisor immediately

  • Utilize incident report to document any incidents when on duty following professional protocol

  • Document in the Communication Log on any concerns as appropriate

  • Cover your shift, or find coverage and notify Facility Manager immediately of any change in

  • schedule

  • Post shift notes at end of shift before leaving the facility

  • Familiarization with client charts and all pertinent client information at all time

  • Attend and participate in special occasion parties for clients

  • Any and all other duties as directed by supervisors

  • Orientation of clients to program rules

  • Support client treatment goals as identified by the treatment team

  • Maintain professional boundaries at all times

  • Perform check on all safety equipment and document

  • Perform periodic walk-throughs of entire facility during shift

  • Maintain situational awareness of clients at all times

  • Drive clients to and from any appointments when necessary

  • Sign off shift change check lists with oncoming staff at change of shift

  • Licensed to drive clients in company van